a biblical worldview

We believe that the Bible is inerrant, inspired by God, living and active. It gives us the clearest image of who God is, and what he desires for our lives. It is to be our guide for all matters of faith and daily living.

authentic community

We believe that life is meant to be lived in authentic community, with the people God has placed in our lives. This community not only inspires spiritual growth, but is attractive to those who do not know Jesus.

contagious generosity

We believe that it is our calling to be generous with all that we have. Everything we have, and all that we are, has been given by God. We are confident that generosity is contagious, and as we flood our area with the generosity of Christ, others will want to join in!

celebrating family

We believe families are something to be celebrated! Every family matters to us, so it is our hope that they would all experience the love, purpose, and growth that God wishes for them.

and deployment

We believe that every person is created by God for a purpose. Each person’s purpose can be fully discovered through intentional development. We believe that each person should not only be developed, but also be deployed into their circle of influence.


We believe that every Jesus follower should be growing in three areas of their spiritual lives: Biblical knowledge, holy obedience, and spiritual intimacy. We are confident that we should be seeking to grow in these areas every day.